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Whole Foods Career InformationWhole Foods CareersWhole Foods seeks out employees that exemplify the food they sell. Whole Foods’ number one priority is the conservation of the environment, and they look for employees that share this same passion and integrate it into their lives. They believe that if an individual loves the environment, this will translate into a love of people and a need to give back to working individuals whom must choose where to spend their hard earned money on groceries. Since Whole Foods believes that their primarily organic products speak for themselves, the last step to acquiring lifelong Whole Foods shoppers is a task bestowed upon the employees. They look for employees to be themselves at the work place, and use their own style to compliment the store.

Positions with Whole Foods

Examples of positions available with Whole Foods include:

Human Resource Supervisor
• Create positive store working environments with appropriate employees
• Begin the hiring process by administering applications and reviewing applicants’ basic information
• Fiscal responsibility through paycheck control
• Must have very strong computer skills

• Have a working knowledge of Whole Foods point of sale system
• Make sure the register area is clean
• Be personable and social when dealing with customers
• Ensure customers leave the store smiling and fulfilled
• Must be able to lift heavy weight

Gaining Employment with Whole Foods

There are four primary avenues to find employment with Whole Foods. The first is at an in-store kiosk. These are standing computers that are only to be used for hiring purposes. People can use these to enter all personal information, and that information is used to determine where an individual’s talents will be best used. Accessing the Whole Foods website can also be used to gain employment. On the website, people can find a list of open positions and apply. The information is stored so that multiple postings can be made. Whole Foods also posts open positions on other job finding websites. Finally, Whole Foods holds job fairs periodically throughout the year, and at these events employees will be hired at the location during the job fair.