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Wet Seal, Sales Associate Job Review and Interview

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March 16, 2011
3 Star Rating Review by Wet Seal Sales Associate

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Wet Seal Sales Associate, in Chicago, Illinois

Sales Associate Job Description

Assist manager in opening and closing the store; creating visuals based on the company guide; increase sales and promote special deals and discounts; helping customers finding outfits and answering any questions they may have; let customers in fitting rooms, assure they stay clean, and watching out for possible theft; promote the Wet Seal brand through your attire and attitude; checking in, pricing, and putting out new merchandise; participating in floor sets where the entire set-up is changed; reconciling all merchandise at the end of the night; checking customers out, reconciling receipts at the end of the night, and double checking all of the managers totals; sending any faulty product back to the warehouse;
Education High School | Management Very High Quality | Stress Average Stress

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Wet Seal Interview Questions

Everyone who applies to Wet Seal is called in to interview, so they conduct group interviews with up to ten individuals. This helps them decipher who is outgoing, comfortable, and engaging enough to thrive in a fast-paced retail environment. It is best to dress in entirely Wet Seal. They ask typical questions like 'what's the most difficult customer service experience you've encountered & how did you handle it?' They do not go in a circle & have everyone answer, so it's up to you to make sure you speak up & make yourself noticed. I also highly recommend interacting with the other interviewees, so you don't seem intimidated & to appear more social & easy going.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Wet Seal, Sales Associate is $8/Hourly.
40% discount on all merchandise

Working Conditions
It was a very fun place to work. I got along with all managers & everyone who worked there. There is a work hard - play hard mentality about it. There is always a security guard up front, so I always felt incredibly safe. The only thing to improve is having the highest manager in store more often, because they're usually older & customers tend to respect that more. I've heard a few customers complain that the store is run by children.

Physical Requirements
You will be on your feet & moving around quickly all day. The usual shift is seven hours with a half hour break. You will climb ladders and lift boxes up to about 30 pounds, although they're usually not that heavy.

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