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Wendys, Crew Member Job Review and Interview

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September 8, 2010
2 Star Rating Review by Wendys Crew Member

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Unprofessional, with little margin for error.

Wendys Crew Member, in Salt Lake City, Utah

Crew Member Job Description

Instead of each person having a specified job they do every day, everyone does everything. You will make fries and nuggets, flip burgers, make sandwiches, operate both front register and drive-thru, clean the kitchens, scrub the toilets, stock the stations, unload trucks, wash dishes, handle cash, etc.
Education None | Management Low Quality | Stress Very High Stress

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Wendys Interview Questions

The interview was very easy. They asked only a few general questions. If they schedule you for an interview, you already have the job. Dress in business casual and smile a lot, and BE YOURSELF because they can tell if you're acting. However I'd advise against applying here if you have any other options.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Wendys, Crew Member is $7/Hourly.
The benefits at Wendy's are 50% off menu items, but only directly before, during or after your shift. Otherwise, no benefits.

Working Conditions

The first two days, everyone is very nice and understanding. They'll forgive you if you mess up. But after your first couple days, there is no tolerance for error. You're expected to memorize approximately two dozen sandwich builds right away.

One BIG thing I noticed is that the employees seem almost OCD about small unimportant details. For example, if you don't place the patties in a nice starred position, or the bacon isn't perpendicular to the meat, they get really edgy and freaked out. When you're eating fast food, do you dissect it first to make sure the meat is stacked attractively? Of course not! But your coworkers will give you so much hell for it.

If a customer changes their order, it's counted against YOU. Even if the manager hears the customer change their mind and it was NOT an error on your part, they'll write you a citation for it. And if it happens more than once per day, you can expect a lengthy lecture in the office. The longest chewing-out I received lasted 20 minutes. I worked with three or four managers and all were condescending, sarcastic and smug, thinly veiled as being well-meaning. They leave the door open, and several employees seize the opportunity to gather and listen. Humiliating and disrespectful.

From what I've seen, there is almost no advancement within the company. The 30-45 year old managers all told me they've been working at Wendy's since they were in high school, but none of them have ever graduated beyond shift manager. And even that doesn't count for much... considering they offered me a shift management position *the day I was hired* despite having zero job experience of any kind. I declined because I wasn't ready for the responsibility. But I found that the managers were just as unprofessional as the 8th graders. They were immature and obnoxious, jokingly name-calling and yelling obscenities.

Something shocking that I saw on countless occasions, was the way employees- managers included - would literally throw Frosties to each other across a room. If the cashier needed a chocolate Frosty from the back, the back person would fill the cup, put a lid on it, and chuck it 20 feet to the cashier. And vice versa. They didn't always catch. I realize that every store and team is different, and you will likely have a varied experience. But if your local Wendy's is anything like mine, your working hours will be so unpleasant that you'll absolutely dread going to work, and even in your downtime you will often be worrying yourself sick over it. For a first job, this is probably the only sort of place that will hire you, so it's an okay start if multitasking at light speed is your cup of tea. However, you could probably find a first job in a movie theater or bookstore, and in those places you won't be working yourself into a lather trying to fill huge orders in 90 seconds or less. Yes, they actually time you.

Physical Requirements
Always on your feet. You get a 10 minute break every four hours. So when you come home each night, your feet will hurt like nobody's business. Probably not good for people with back problems. If you ever unload trucks, then you'll have to lift heavy boxes. You have to carry big buckets of ice, but if you're truly incapable then someone else will do it for you.

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