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WalMart, Stocker Job Review and Interview

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October 25, 2008
3 Star Rating Review by WalMart Stocker

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Pay check

WalMart Stocker, in Panama City Beach, Florida

Stocker Job Description

From the hour for late night shift 10:00 pm 'till 7:00 am we are required to stock the shelve. I usually stock between 6-10 pallets a night in soft lines and shoe dept.
Education None | Management Average Quality | Stress Low Stress

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WalMart Interview Questions

I was called in to do an interview after passing background and drug test. The interview was basically a quick recap of everything on my application, in this case and interview means you have gotten the job.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - WalMart, Stocker is $9/Hourly.
Health care

Working Conditions
It's very quiet late at nights and usually you work with about 2 people per a dept.

Physical Requirements
Always lifting and on your feet!!! There is never time to rest to take a pause, managers patrol the departments to make sure an employees is always working and questions them on how many pallets they have put up.

Other WalMart Job Information
My job is a paycheck, If I had the choice I would not further my employment, it simply provides employment for everyone though and has benefits.

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