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WalMart, Overnight Stocker Job Review and Interview

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September 11, 2011
4 Star Rating Review by WalMart Overnight Stocker

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I am a stocker at night for Walmart.

WalMart Overnight Stocker, in Dayton, Ohio

Overnight Stocker Job Description

When the truck comes in we unload it first. Then we take the freight to the sales floor and stock the shelves with what will fit. The excess is then taken to the back room and inventoried in. Then it is placed in the proper bins. After the bin work is done we go to the sales floor and make sure the shelves have all the product pulled forward. Then we take the trash out and clean.

Education High School | Management Average Quality | Stress Average Stress

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WalMart Interview Questions

The shift manager interviewed me and asked questions about ability to work well with others. He also asked about if Walmart needed me to work overtime if I was willing. He also asked about our willingness to help in other areas of the store.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - WalMart, Overnight Stocker is $8/Hourly.
  • Retirement
  • 401k
  • Sick days
  • Vacation days
  • Health insurance

Working Conditions

It is indoor work with people that get along with each other. The coworkers always seem to help each other and promote harmony.

Physical Requirements

Walmart requires any lifting over 50 lbs to have  two people. There are forklifts and power jacks for moving heavy things around.

Other WalMart Job Information

Be honest and work well with others, and know what respect means.

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