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WalMart, Inventory Management Associate Job Review and Interview

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October 31, 2009
4 Star Rating Review by WalMart Inventory Management Associate

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Very easy, yet can be stressful at times.

WalMart Inventory Management Associate, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Inventory Management Associate Job Description

Merchandise information is gathered as item is sold. Everything is computerized, so when the item is sold, it lets the ordering section order the same item for the store. The inventory comes in and is sent to the floor for stocking. There is also a computer "pick list" which is generated. Our job is to pick these items out of the storage bins and send to the floor for restocking. When the list drops off, we then put in bins the overstock inventory that does not go out, in the bins. This is done every day.
Education High School | Management Average Quality | Stress High Stress

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WalMart Interview Questions

The interview was comfortable, although I was nervous. I was asked about my previous jobs, what I did, how I reacted or how would I react to certain situations. I wore a blouse and a skirt. I was a little shy and needed to be a little bit more open.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - WalMart, Inventory Management Associate is $11/Hourly.
Health care, 401K, Company Stock, paid vacation.

Working Conditions
Working conditions vary...they are generally good, but when it's hot outside, it gets hot in the stockrooms. Safety procedures are followed and it's mandatory that we all keep safe and report any problems. We pretty much are happy with our jobs, although sometimes it can be demanding and we get stressed from being rushed and trying to get stuff done that is impossible without enough people. Improvement would be to turn on the a/c or have more fans when it's HOT!!

Physical Requirements
Yes, always on your feet on concrete floor; lifting heavy bags of dog food or furniture can be bad on your back.

Other WalMart Job Information
Walmart is a good place to work, it's just that the upper management needs to work with us for a few nights to see how it is back there and see that we really do need more people to get the job done.

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