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WalMart, Fitting Room Checker Job Review and Interview

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March 7, 2009
4 Star Rating Review by WalMart Fitting Room Checker

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Assit customers in entering/exiting the fitting room while retreiving merchandise from returns and preparing it t o be placed back on the shelves.

WalMart Fitting Room Checker, in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Fitting Room Checker Job Description

The job consisted of 3 main responsibilities and a 4th that it not required at all WalMarts. The first and most obvious is to help customers get into the fitting rooms, make sure they don't steal anything, and then assist them as they leave the fitting room, which may include taking the clothes they don't want and preparing it to be placed back on the shelves. The second function of the job is to retrieve clothes from the returns bins/registers and either prepare them to be put back on the shelves or send them to claims if there is something wrong with them. The 3rd responsibility is to go to work at the register whenever they are busy and call for more employees up there. The 4th responsibility, which is not done at all WalMarts, is to answer the main phone line and direct the calls to the correct department or person.
Education High School | Management Low Quality | Stress Low Stress

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WalMart Interview Questions

The interview was pretty basic and not extremely hard. I wore nice clothes and was interviews by the department manage for which I would be working under. Most of the questions were about experience and required one to think quick of examples that fit the situations they give you to show you could handle it.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - WalMart, Fitting Room Checker is $7/Hourly.
Receive 10% discount on non-sale items with Walmart ID.

Working Conditions
As a fitting room attendant you are almost always standing behind the fitting room desk and not allowed to leave the area if you do answer the main phone line. The one thing I think they need to change is allowed the employee to sit while working there.

Physical Requirements
The only requirement is that you be able to stand, but the WalMart I worked at was willing to compromise on this with a doctors note.

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