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WalMart, Electronics Associate Job Review and Interview

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July 21, 2010
1 Star Rating Review by WalMart Electronics Associate

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WalMart Electronics Associate, in Tomball, Texas

Electronics Associate Job Description

According to the orientation and interview-keep electronics in stock, work register, help customers. What the job actually was-Keep electronics, furniture, domestics, crafts, party supplies, and stationary in stock, solo, under very tight time limits, and help customers.
Education None | Management Low Quality | Stress Very High Stress

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WalMart Interview Questions

Interview was somewhat relaxed, but distracting since it was in a cubicle.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - WalMart, Electronics Associate is $9/Hourly.

Working Conditions
Very distressing. Co-workers and managers were all very mean, rude, and cranky, would yell in front of customers, put people down, throw things, and demand things be done on their every whim, regardless of what you were doing. Generally, you'd go home feeling broken and defeated.

Physical Requirements
Heavy lifting, and be able to work at superhuman speeds to meet the corporate mandated time limits. They do expect a large case with dozens of small things that need to be individually unwrapped and put up to take just as long as a box with a single pillow.

Other WalMart Job Information
Confirming what you may have heard before: -They are opposed to overtime -They will go into the computer and erase time you worked at will to 'save costs' and lower your pay. -There is a six month period in which you must work one section before you transfer. If you find you can't do that section well enough, tough cookies. If you don't pull off a miracle very fast, the only choices you have are quit or be fired.

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