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WalMart, Customer Service Representative Job Review and Interview

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May 9, 2011
1 Star Rating Review by WalMart Customer Service Representative

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Working at Walmart was horrible, I never want to work there again.

WalMart Customer Service Representative, in Montoursville, Pennsylvania

Customer Service Representative Job Description

Returns and customer relations. I dealt mainly with customer looking to return their products to Walmart. This meant I process exchanges, credits, and trades.
Education None | Management Low Quality | Stress Very High Stress

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WalMart Interview Questions

I interviewed with the assistant manager. Mostly they wanted to know what hours I could work, how I felt about handling money, and whether or I not I felt stealing was ever allowable.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - WalMart, Customer Service Representative is $7/Hourly.

Working Conditions
It is not unusual to have people angry at you. It seems that when you work for Walmart you are automatically assigned to take the verbal abuse of most customers. It is like they look down on you.

Physical Requirements
Lift a few things here and there. Physically the job was quite easy.

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