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Victorias Secret, Sales Associate Job Review and Interview

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February 13, 2009
5 Star Rating Review by Victorias Secret Sales Associate

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Vicky's is a fun, energetic place to work with other sweet and enthusiastic associates.

Victorias Secret Sales Associate, in Edison, New Jersey

Sales Associate Job Description

Sales Associate at Victoria's Secret tasks include greeting customers in the store and being very attentive to what they need and what they are looking for. We also push to hand out 'shoppers' to every customer as a convenience for them, and as shop lifting protection for us. We also constantly clean the store and fold/arrange everything at close.
Education High School | Management Very High Quality | Stress Low Stress

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Victorias Secret Interview Questions

The first interview was really relaxed asking generic interview questions. It was a basic, formal interview, so I wore all business black. The second interview was a little more intense, being it was a little more important to really impress a higher manager. They asked more specific, thoughtful questions like asking what your favorite store products are and how would you sell them.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Victorias Secret, Sales Associate is $8/Hourly.
Limited Brands don't offer healthcare coverage for part-time associates, but the other perks are great- 30% off at Victoria's Secret and other Limited Brands like Bath & Body Works, the occasional free bras, perfumes, and beauty products, and a great discount on all the newest bras in the store.

Working Conditions
Victoria's Secret is a very fun and energetic place to work. The other associates are very sweet and the fast-paced environment makes the day fly by. Each section of the store, PINK, Beauty, Intimates, etc. has its own vibe and atmosphere, but overall, it's a great, safe place to work.

Physical Requirements
As a sales associate, one is ALWAYS on their feet, aside from the very short breaks. There is a lot of walking around and pacing trying to constantly attend to customers, so if you are not in shape- you quickly will be. All the folding and arranging is sometimes a little physically exerting, but expected of the position.

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