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UPS, Package Handler Job Review and Interview

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February 15, 2008
3 Star Rating Review by UPS Package Handler

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Being a package handler at UPS is very hard work, with an emphasis on physical labor.

UPS Package Handler, in Columbus, Ohio

Package Handler Job Description

The hours of operation vary daily based on flow of packages being processed by the HUB. However, expect to work hard and maintain a consistent level of performance because you are constantly being evaluated. Hard work and determination along with some patience is the perfect combination of qualities that will get your promoted at UPS. However, there is a large turnover rate of employment, mostly due to employees leaving UPS. But if you want to succeed at UPS, you can. Be prepared to work from the bottom up, literally, and expect to be fairly compensated and rewarded for your promotion.
Education High School | Management High Quality | Stress Average Stress

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UPS Interview Questions

The interview process is very formal and very straight forward. It is a combination of one on one and group interactions. Due to the simple nature of the work, UPS makes sure to accurately depict the actual work environment to you and will continue with the interview process if you are interested in a position. At this point, the UPS has mandatory paid training for every employee. This training is almost entirely classroom oriented and includes occasional testing.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - UPS, Package Handler is $9/Hourly.
College funding assistance and a unionized labor force.

Working Conditions
At UPS, the work environment is 100% focused on safety. After passing through the training, every single employee on the work floor behaves in accordance to every safety rule. The attitude on the work floor is goal and output driven. Your work will be monitored and your improvement will not only be tracked but also expected. The only negative aspect to working at UPS can be the weather, which effects the temperature of the entire HUB.

Physical Requirements
Do not expect to sit down or relax while working at UPS. The shifts are typically not very long but the work is demanding. Exceptional strength and agility is definitely not required, but a good work effort is the key to a successful experience at UPS.

Other UPS Job Information
There are a lot of great opportunities at UPS if you are are willing to put in the effort to succeed.

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