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United Airlines, Flight Attendant Job Review and Interview

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September 20, 2011
4 Star Rating Review by United Airlines Flight Attendant

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Flexible and rewarding.

United Airlines Flight Attendant, in Chicago, Illinois

Flight Attendant Job Description

The flight attendant job has evolved throughout the years. It started as a glamorous career for single, beautiful women and nowadays evolved to a more safety oriented job. Still the day to day routine of flights, schedules, and hotels makes it a very interesting career for those that have customer service skills and enjoy traveling and getting to work with different groups of people from different backgrounds.

Education Some College | Management High Quality | Stress Average Stress

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United Airlines Interview Questions

There are different steps to obtain a confirmation that you were granted a position as a flight attendant candidate. The first step is an Open House call, usually in the city where you reside (but it might not be the city where you might be based later on). There you take a simple test and you get to speak about yourself in front of the rest of the candidates. If you pass the first step you are called for a second interview . There you are separated in different groups and asked different questions. The observers look at the way you interact in the group, there is not a valid response so they look for your communicational skills and the way you conduct yourself with the rest. If you pass you are sent for a medical check and later on you are assigned a date for your training class. I would recommend wearing business attire, conservative, something that will give your interviewer an idea of how will you look in a flight attendant uniform.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - United Airlines, Flight Attendant is $18/Hourly.

United offers free travel and discounts on air fare on other carriers. I get lots of time of and 401K matching.

Working Conditions

The longer you stay at this job the better the working conditions are. Most of your career will be defined by "Seniority" meaning that people that had been with the company the longest will get better trips, better pay, more vacation days etc. At the beginning it might be hard since you probably wont have much choice on the trips or flight you will work, but with time you will get more and more flexibility in your schedule.

Physical Requirements

There is a few physical requirements .. you might have to push and pull a beverage cart up or down the aisle, or assist a customer to find a space on an overhead bin for their bag. A flight attendant sometimes is on their feet for long periods of time. If you fly international trips you will be exposed to jet-lag due to long flights and time changes in the countries that you fly.

Other United Airlines Job Information

United is an airline that will be growing in the near future so look for openings soon. Since it has recently merged with Continental you might find opening under Continental Airlines, but in the future it will be only one airline.

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