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Tim Hortons, Hostess Job Review and Interview

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February 18, 2008
2 Star Rating Review by Tim Hortons Hostess

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Busy busy busy at Tim Hortons.

Tim Hortons Hostess, in Mount Pleasant, Michigan

Hostess Job Description

Front counter serves customers, makes food, brews and makes coffee, tea and all needed supplies. Runs to make bagels, sandwiches or soups if needed, get other drink and sweets for the counter or drive thru if applicable. The baker is in charge of keeping the shelves stocked at all times with fresh product, batching, cooking and decorating all products quickly. Also, prepares and stocks lunch food and freezers with product. Cleaning throughout shift.
Education None | Management Average Quality | Stress High Stress

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Tim Hortons Interview Questions

One or two interviews, but sometimes interviews are performed on a "walk in" basis.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Tim Hortons, Hostess is $8/Hourly.
The pay is generally minimum wage to start, unless you are in management. You can get benefits, but they are not very comprehensive in their coverage. No retirement savings packages or anything similar.

Working Conditions
High paced and busy company. Customer service based work, so can be stressful. Multi tasking is an asset to have in this line of work.

Physical Requirements
Must be able to stand and move for 8 hours with two breaks. Very quick atmosphere.

Other Tim Hortons Job Information
It can be a fun place to work, but again can be quite stressful.

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