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Home Job Reviews Starr Electric Electrician

Starr Electric, Electrician Job Review and Interview

Listed in Construction
December 20, 2009
4 Star Rating Review by Starr Electric Electrician

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This job contains willing eployers who work together and spend time building facilities.

Starr Electric Electrician, in Columbia, South Carolina

Electrician Job Description

In this job I work with other employees. Not many women work here with me, I may se one or too sometimes at electric jobs. Everyday I must be physically active, and understand things about electricity. I must be able to identify wires and other things accosiated with it. Sometimes I have to pull wire.
Education None | Management High Quality | Stress Average Stress

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Starr Electric Interview Questions

The interview was very comfortabe. They asked if I was formerly and currently employed and by who and where we worked. They asked me if I enjoyed being and electrician and how long I have een wrking as one. I wore dressy church clothes. If I could do one thing different it would probably be not twiddling my fingers so much and I would have shaked their hand more firmly.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Starr Electric, Electrician is $18/Hourly.
I have healthcare on this job.

Working Conditions
The atmosphere is sometimes fun but serious. It stinks when I finish a task in a certain area and the boss tells me he doesn't want it there and I have to move it. I feel safe there, yes. I have heart conditions sometimes, and have to be admited into the hospital but I return to work there. I don't really have a negatve attitude towardsmy boos but he recently fired a guy because he is clumsy I think. I believe if the workers would mesh together a little bit better it would be better.

Physical Requirements
I have to lift things on a reguar basis. I am always on my feet. Sometimes I have to wire things, pulling wire. I have to be in peak physical condition. Sometimes I do have heart trouble at work, and it rarely send me to the hospital but I have been.

Other Starr Electric Job Information
I was going to enter the military since I only have a highschool education. I soon discovered that I was pregnant with twins. I decided there was no way I could be a soldier like this, so I decided to be an electrician, and I love the job.

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