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Starbucks, Barista Job Review and Interview

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February 7, 2009
5 Star Rating Review by Starbucks Barista

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The perfect job.

Starbucks Barista, in Columbia, Missouri

Barista Job Description

I come to work early and prepare the equipment. The job mainly consists of making the customers specific drink order, occasionally getting them pre-made goods, and ringing them up. At the end of the day, if working the last shift, you will have to clean up the equipment and turn things off.
Education None | Management Very High Quality | Stress Low Stress

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Starbucks Interview Questions

The interview took place during my summer welcome session at Mizzou. I was dressed very informally, shorts and a plaid shirt, but the employer seemed pleased with me. It was a very laid back and comfortable feeling interview. The questions ranged from things about the job and my work experience, to more personal questions about my resume from high school, boy scouts, etc. I wouldn\'t change anything about how the interview went. It was quick, comfortable, and I got hired on the spot.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Starbucks, Barista is $7/Hourly.
The job is part of a work study program at the University of Missouri. Working during finals week brings up extra wages. Filling out my schedule before the next semester gets me a large credit at the University bookstore.

Working Conditions
The atmosphere is awesome. It smells like coffee all day, the lights aren't too bright, the music is calm and relaxing. The employer is very nice, level, and friendly. The workplace is good, the worker is in a position where he or she can see the entire cafe. It is a smaller room, but not unusual for a Starbucks. The back room is decent. There aren't any dirty or uncomfortable places in the building.

Physical Requirements
There aren't any physical requirements that I would consider to be taxing. You do have to stand up while you are working. You must be able to make any of the drinks, hot and cold. A good memory and a quick learner would be key in the job.

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