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Michaels Craft Store Compensation and Benefits

  • 401 (k) plan: The company matches 50 percent of the first 6 percent of an associate's pre-tax contributions. An associate can contribute up to 15 percent of their yearly salary.
  • Medical insurance: Employees can participate in the company's group medical plan. Michaels provides comprehensive medical coverage.
  • Associate discount: All associates are provided a 25 percent discount card with restrictions on all non-sale merchandise goods at Michaels and Aaron Brothers retail stores.
  • Dental insurance: Available to full-time associates and their dependents.
  • Vision: The company provides a discounted vision plan.
  • Optional life insurance: Associates may get additional life insurance for themselves and their dependents in designated increments up to $700,000 or five times their yearly salary whichever is the smaller amount.
  • Basic life and accidental death and dismemberment: Available to eligible full-time associates enrolled in the medical and/or dental plan at no cost.
  • Long-term disability: Pays a portion of an employees income while they're disabled.
  • Short-term disability: Replaces a portion of an employees weekly rate of basic earnings.
  • Credit union: Employees and their immediate family members can participate in the Corporate America Family Credit Union.

Average Salary   Annual Salary$0$39,000

Based on 2 salaries
Michaels Craft Store Front End Supervisor
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Based on 3 salaries
Michaels Craft Store Sales Associate
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