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Pepsi, Driver Job Review and Interview

June 22, 2008
3 Star Rating Review by Pepsi Driver

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A Pepsi Job is hard work, but decent pay!

Pepsi Driver, in Corvallis, Oregon

Driver Job Description

A Pepsi driver is responsible for delivering product from satellite and distribution locations to a variety of customers in the field. The driver is responsible for invoices as well as handling money. Furthermore at Pepsi the route requires the driver to physically work many of the loads and fill product as well.
Education High School | Management High Quality | Stress High Stress

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Pepsi Interview Questions

Interview structure for a Pepsi job is very straightforward with mostly experienced based questions. I remember no behavioral questions.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Pepsi, Driver is $18/Hourly.
Health, Profit Sharing, Free Product on Birthdays and Holidays... 25 cent 20oz vending machine.

Working Conditions
The working environment as a Pepsi Driver is inconsistent. Many customers are overly demanding, while others are very pleasant. Because of this inconsistency many times a Pepsi driver can go into delivery without knowing what he will experience. With all that said I find it attractive to be out on the go and not in the same place all day.

Physical Requirements
A driver for Pepsi can experience anywhere from moderate to hard physical demands. Business and sales are next to double in the summer months and into early fall. This increased, teamed with the heat of summer can wear a driver down. However, after being on the route for a summer you learn to take care of yourself. Furthermore your body adapts to the physical demands. Pepsi provides free Gatorade to it's drivers in the summer time in some locations.

Other Pepsi Job Information
Many Pepsi locations will help train and pay for CDL testing. Working for Pepsi is a very economically safe company.

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