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Panther Transportation, Expedite Driver Job Review and Interview

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June 30, 2010
2 Star Rating Review by Panther Transportation Expedite Driver

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For Panther Transportation, I deliver Auto Parts across the U.S.

Panther Transportation Expedite Driver, in Seville, Ohio

Expedite Driver Job Description

We are an expedite company providing services for mainly the auto industry. However, we do services for many large and small companies depending on their needs.
Education High School | Management Average Quality | Stress High Stress

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Panther Transportation Interview Questions

You have to first of all have at least a Class C drivers license depending on which vehicle you drive. If you have that you can get in fairly easily as long as your work and driving record are good. They do require a few days of orientation to go over all that is required of you. Usually it lasts a few days all day.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Panther Transportation, Expedite Driver is $14/Hourly.
Based on miles run. Option for Medical Benefits

Working Conditions
Its not an office job, so, your mainly dealing with the companies you pick up or deliver to. Mostly Id say its a 50/50 split between the good and the bad companies. However, you can definitely see the companies that care versus those who do not.

Physical Requirements
The demands are not necessarily of a physical nature. You are however driving anytime of day or night in either perfect or horrible conditions with no choice (in most cases) when its treacherous to still get what you need to its final destination.

Other Panther Transportation Job Information
It is a nice job to have although the pay isn't all that great. The main benefit of it is that you get to see pretty much the entire country while getting paid. Something not all too many people get to experience. If you are married or in a relationship it can be either a good or bad thing. There are times it is great to get away, but, there are times you cant wait to get home.