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McDonalds, Crew Member Job Review and Interview

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May 12, 2011
3 Star Rating Review by McDonalds Crew Member

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Crew at McDonalds.

McDonalds Crew Member, in Grand Forks, North Dakota

Crew Member Job Description

Cooking food on a grill. Foods you will cook on a grill include 10-1 hamburger patties, 4-1 hamburger patties, and grilled chicken. Fry foods in vats. Foods that you fry in vats include french fries, chicken nuggets, mcchicken, crispy chicken, and chicken selects. Taking orders.
Education None | Management High Quality | Stress Very High Stress

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McDonalds Interview Questions

Schedule an interview with the manager.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - McDonalds, Crew Member is $8/Hourly.
$8.00 an hour to start. Benefits include 401k, health insurance, and dental insurance.

Working Conditions
Very Stressful when you get tons of orders in small amounts of time. Angry customers can also make your day go bad.

Physical Requirements
Able to stand a lot of stress. Be able to stand on your feet for 8 hours a day.

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