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Macys, Fitting Room Checker Job Review and Interview

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July 12, 2010
2 Star Rating Review by Macys Fitting Room Checker

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Fitting Room Supervision at Macy's.

Macys Fitting Room Checker, in Kahala, Hawaii

Fitting Room Checker Job Description

Supervising the fitting room area, count & limit the amount of clothes customers bring into the fitting room, thorough check of stalls.
Education None | Management Average Quality | Stress Low Stress

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Macys Interview Questions

Interviewed by store manager as well as loss prevention manager.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Macys, Fitting Room Checker is $8/Hourly.
20% Macy's discount

Working Conditions
The store wasn't a very busy one, but there was lots of theft. The job was slow paced and could get boring at times.

Physical Requirements
Standing for 8 hour shifts.

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