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Lutheran Services, Family Support Worker Job Review and Interview

February 20, 2011
5 Star Rating Review by Lutheran Services Family Support Worker

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This job is very rewarding if you enjoy advocating for high-risk families that need assistance to do their personal best.

Lutheran Services Family Support Worker, in Des Moines, Iowa

Family Support Worker Job Description

A family support worker works closely with families to help educate them on various topics. The main topics covered when working with families is child development information, parent/child activity ideas, access to community resources, and developmental screenings for children aged 0-5. The family support worker will visit each family on their caseload either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on the family's level of need. The focus of the program that the family support worker provides is the children in the home aged 0-5. Often time, the parent needs some attention and guidance before the child can benefit from the family structure. The job can be emotionally demanding for some. It is very important to separate work from home because some of the homes that are visited are very disturbing. Many family situations are very disturbing as well but it really is the goal of the family support worker to help the family realize their strengths and reach their full potential.
Education Bachelors Degree | Management Very High Quality | Stress Low Stress

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Lutheran Services Interview Questions

The interview was very comfortable. I was interviewed by a team of people who took turns asking me questions. The interview was more of a conversation than a question and answer session. The people who interviewed me made me feel very comfortable and invited me to ask questions of my own. I wore khaki colored dress pants and a black collared shirt. The types of questions asked were scenario types of questions (e.g. what would you do...?). I would not change anything about the interview.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Lutheran Services, Family Support Worker is $13/Hourly.
This job offers health benefits, dental, vision, and generous paid time off. During the first year I received 4 weeks PTO, during the second year I received 5 weeks PTO, and during the third year I received 6 weeks.

Working Conditions
The atmosphere is very comfortable and close knit with other family support workers and supervisors. I feel very safe in the environment that I work in. I need a key to get into the building so it makes me feel even more safe that there is control over who enters the building. When doing home visits it can sometimes get uncomfortable depending on which home I enter. Some families are crisis oriented which can be highly stressful and some are very low stress. Some homes are dirty and some are clean. There is an overall positive attitude toward the employer because they lead a very positive agency. The only things that I can think of that need to be done to improve the workplace is up to the individual worker. It is important to maintain personal safety at all times and in all circumstances.

Physical Requirements
There are not many physical requirements of the job. The majority of the job is sitting (60%) and the rest is sitting or walking. You would need to lift up to 40 pounds if you are lifting the children in the home.