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How to Follow Up on a Job Application

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How to Follow Up on your Job ApplicationHow many times have you applied for a job in writing and then were annoyed when you never heard anything back from the employer? Ask yourself then, how many times did you make it easier for the employer to give you feedback, or better still, to give you the job?

One of the most powerful things you can do to enhance your chances of getting a job is to follow up on your applications. In a job market where the number of applicants will always far exceed the number of job vacancies on offer, it's not surprising to find out that hiring managers can be inundated with applications and paperwork when they look to hire a new employee.

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The Importance of the Personal Follow-Up in Every Job Application

This is where your follow up telephone call becomes vital. The sad fact is that some applicants will never be properly considered for some roles, either because they didn't get their message across properly in writing or because the hiring manager just ran out of time and got fed up wading through the paper. If you take the time to follow up your written applications with phone calls, you significantly increase your chances of getting hired. In some cases it can be the only thing that makes the hiring manager pick your CV or resume out of the paperwork pile.

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Most busy hiring managers have their real day jobs to consider. Recruitment is not their day job. Hiring staff is just part of the responsibility that goes with building and maintaining a team or capability, and it's usually a one-off task that's getting in the way of the real work. As a result, the hiring manager will generally want to get it over with quickly. If you follow up your application with a call, you're giving the hiring manager a great opportunity to speed up the whole process. By actually speaking with him or her, you can get your message across in a more personal way and if you go about it properly, you could be getting that all-important interview sooner rather than later.

Far from being the unwelcome intrusion that many applicants believe the follow up call will be seen as, calling the employer can be a way of making the whole process of recruitment easier for them and for you. Follow up calls set you apart from the rest of the applicants as a keen, energetic professional, giving the impression that this is what they can expect to get if they hire you for the job.

Author: a CareerLeak Contributor