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Home Depot, Freight Team Assocate Job Review and Interview

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May 31, 2008
3 Star Rating Review by Home Depot Freight Team Assocate

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It was fun to do if you dont like talking to people and doing work on your own

Home Depot Freight Team Assocate, in Chicago, Illinois

Freight Team Assocate Job Description

I had to unload trucks and stock shelves. I had to also do inventory control and operate forklifts and reach machines.
Education High School | Management Low Quality | Stress Average Stress

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Home Depot Interview Questions

There was no intereview, I knew the hiring manager.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Home Depot, Freight Team Assocate is $10/Hourly.

Working Conditions
I was pretty good thou the safety issues were scary. I got laid off... but the guy that hit me with a forklift, hit me with full pallets, and almost caused items to fall off the tops of the rows... they kept him.

Physical Requirements
Heavy lifting, long hours on your feet, and heat since i was in the outside part of the store at night.

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