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Home Depot, Cashier Job Review and Interview

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September 15, 2011
4 Star Rating Review by Home Depot Cashier

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Working for Home Depot is both useful and informative.

Home Depot Cashier, in Flint, Michigan

Cashier Job Description

Becoming a cashier at Home Depot allows one to absorb an extraordinary amount of knowledge about home improvement. You’ll find that you can’t help but to become familiar with a vast inventory, a requirement of the job. Cash handling skills are a must but don’t allow yourself to get scared off by the daunting prospect of exercising basic mathematical skills because the register is very easy to use and help in the form of coworkers is easy to come by. What is unquestionably the most important qualification is the ability to communicate well with others. In this shaky economy companies are confronted with fierce competition in the market place and many believe that excellent customer service is the ultimate weapon when waging this battle. Often times a cashier is the first person a customer will come across and so naturally they field numerous questions. It’s crucial that one be able to gain a sense of the whereabouts of merchandise and usually the repetitive questions that precipitate the pursuit of the hottest items for reinforce this. Other responsibilities include processing returns, and before the conclusion of each and every transaction you’ll have to ask the customer if they’re interested in opening a Home Depot charge account, that is if they don’t already have one, which is often the case.

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Home Depot Interview Questions

There were actually two interviews that I had to give before getting the job but both were straight-forward and comfortable.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Home Depot, Cashier is $9/Hourly.

You can expect to begin somewhere between $8 and $9 an hour. Without a corresponding promotion, the raises are nothing to get excited about. Decent benefits such as a 401K or tuition reimbursement are available to full-time workers but may be slow to kick in.

Working Conditions

For a giant warehouse masquerading as a retail store the working conditions are really quite good. Employee moral is generally high, although you’ll naturally come across a disgruntled coworker wherever you go. Furthermore, a somewhat useful apron is all they demand in the way of a uniform, which certainly beats the dress code of various big box employers.

Physical Requirements

The most demanding physical task is being able to stand on your feet for 8 hours or more. While one may imagine that some heavy lifting is involved that is rarely the case as a handy portable scan gun is at your fingertips. Every so often the more able bodied cashiers will be asked to assist a customer with loading merchandise into their vehicle, but if this is difficult for you it won’t be held against you.

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