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Hibbett Sports, Team Player Job Review and Interview

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January 9, 2011
2 Star Rating Review by Hibbett Sports Team Player

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This job is essentially a retail sales job that somehow fails to reward its employees for sales..

Hibbett Sports Team Player, in Boone, North Carolina

Team Player Job Description

The job seems to either be stressful or completely boring. This means that you are either dealing with a high volume of customers or the store just seems empty. The job itself is a typical retail sales job. Employees are required to know the ins and outs of various types of athletic shoes and equipment, sell them to the customers effectively, as well as sell a number of add-on's. The add-on's for a pair of running shoes could be extra shoelaces and high grade insoles. Employees are required to meet a daily sales goal, however, there is no economic incentive to do so such as a commission.
Education High School | Management Average Quality | Stress Average Stress

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Hibbett Sports Interview Questions

The interview was fairly comfortable for me. We sat in a back room and ran over a number of questions. Some questions in particular that I can remember are "Why should I hire you over someone else?" and "What kinds of skills are you going to bring to the table at Hibbett Sports?" I had successful answers by elaborating on my sales experience in other retail environments and consistently pointing out my ability to deal with stressful situations and unhappy customers. At the interview, I dressed business casual with khaki pants and a conservative button-down dress shirt. However, I have seen numerous successful interviews with potential workers dressing considerably more casual than I was. The interview was straight forward, simple, and short. There aren't a whole lot of ways to go through it. 

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Hibbett Sports, Team Player is $7/Hourly.
There is a 25% discount on shoes. You can also purchase Oakley's sunglasses at wholesale price from the factory. There are no 401k or healthcare benefits.

Working Conditions
The atmosphere is usually quiet and fairly comfortable. You work in the store itself which can be on the larger side. However, the store gets crowded with merchandise and most of the time, employees are working to rearrange and sort new merchandise. There is no reason to not feel safe in this environment, which can be a positive attribute. As far as the working conditions go, they are pretty good and there is not a whole lot to complain about. However, I didn't leave with a positive attitude towards the employer because I felt like I was taken advantage of and never quite paid what I deserved. For months I had the highest sales and hardly any notice was taken. I actually pointed it out to my manager and got a 10 cent raise, but it required some serious pleading on his part to get it approved. In order to improve the workplace, I believe Hibbett Sports could considerably benefit from giving its workers some sort of compensation or commission.

Physical Requirements
There aren't many physical requirements. The worst employees have to do is climb a ladder to get to a pair of shoes in the back room. However, you are always on your feet. Occasionally, you might have to assist customers in carrying large sports equipment, but this is rarely a problem.

Other Hibbett Sports Job Information
I was eventually promoted to Assistant Coach (which is equivalent to Assistant Manager) for my efforts.