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Family Dollar, Store Manager Job Review and Interview

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June 18, 2008
1 Star Rating Review by Family Dollar Store Manager

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The Store Manager for Family Dollar is a very demanding job.

Family Dollar Store Manager, in Nashville, Tennessee

Store Manager Job Description

The store manager is responsible for all store operations such as; Cash handling,unloading trucks and processing freight in a timely manner, merchandising sales floor, running cash register,stocking shelves,cleaning parking lot and restroom,billing summaries,daily paperwork,training staff and staff scheduling,cashier balancing,daily deposits,opening and closing the store, inventory control and inventory prep.
Education High School | Management Low Quality | Stress Very High Stress

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Family Dollar Interview Questions

No Interview.. promoted from below.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Family Dollar, Store Manager is $18/Hourly.
Salary was $38,000 a year and I did have benefits. They do offer retirement but I cant remember how long you have to be there for that.

Working Conditions
I was in the store more than 60 hours per week and was very understaffed. They kept cutting my payroll so I had to keep working longer hours.I could not keep good help in there because the pay was not very good. It was a very strenuous job that required you to be on your feet all day and do alot of heavy lifting.

Physical Requirements
Heavy lifting, bending, stooping, standing, walking for long periods of time.

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