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Edwards Jones, Branch Office Administrator Job Review and Interview

September 14, 2011
5 Star Rating Review by Edwards Jones Branch Office Administrator

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Best Job Ever!

Edwards Jones Branch Office Administrator, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Branch Office Administrator Job Description

My typical day is coming into a 2 person office. You and your Financial Advisor work together to make your office run. You basically handle the front office and he/she handles the back end. You answer the phones and help the clients when you can. You take deposits, make changes to a clients account, do check reuqests, pay bills for the office, open the mail, and answer wires. It is a very low stress job with many rewards!

Education High School | Management Very High Quality | Stress Low Stress

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Edwards Jones Interview Questions

The financial advisor of this branch interviewed me. They asked your typical questions about your previous jobs but also asked deeper questions. One of the questions asked was, "When was the last time you handled an irate customer and how did you handle it?" It was a very easy interview but made you really think about your work experience. Have some good answer available about specific job duties you had in your previous job. Make sure that the interviewer understands that you are a team player and want to help the business grow. They are a business casual work environment so I wore slacks and a nice blouse to the interview. Be prepared to have a long wait for the final results. Their hiring process takes a little while because they do background and criminal checks.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Edwards Jones, Branch Office Administrator is $16/Hourly.

Edward Jones Investments provides their employees with exceptional benefits. They provide:

  • 401K
  • Profit sharing
  • Healthcare
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Life Insurance
  • Bonuses!

The best thing about their benefits is that if you have a Significant Other that you have been living with for at least a year, you can claim them as your domestic partner and they will be covered under your benefits as well. This goes for any couple weather you are same sex or not. No other company I have worked for will do this for you!

Working Conditions

I work in a two person office. The attitude around here is very positive and family oriented. I love the location because it is in the heart of my community and only 5 minutes from my home. They have branches all over the US and you can find one near by. We keep our door locked whenI am here by myself, but we do not keep cash or securities in the office so I feel very safe about being alone.

Physical Requirements

There are no physical requirements for this job. You sit at a desk pretty much the whole day. I love my job!

Other Edwards Jones Job Information

To get a job with Edward Jones Investments is to simply go to their website and click on careers. There you can find the positions that are available and fill out their application online.