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Dollar General, Store Manager Job Review and Interview

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June 28, 2009
1 Star Rating Review by Dollar General Store Manager

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Dollar General is a Big Box Discount Store.

Dollar General Store Manager, in Franklinton, Louisiana

Store Manager Job Description

This is a tough job. 90% of the time you are putting out freight, very heavy & bulky, very monotonous. Stores generally don't have enough room to put everything out so you have to find a way to make room for it-get creative and stack it high. 10% or less of the 55 hour work week is spent actually performing managerial duties like banking or scheduling or hiring. Training is really nonexistent. Manager generally has to work like a regular employee and manage the store. Very physically demanding job with a lot of freight to handle.
Education None | Management Low Quality | Stress Very High Stress

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Dollar General Interview Questions

Applied one day-hired the next. Must pass criminal background check as well as drug test. No credit check.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Dollar General, Store Manager is $16/Hourly.
Salary for store manager is $32,000 per year. For the first year you can buy the Starbridge insurance (not very good insurance) after a year you can buy the blue cross. No sick days, No personal days. You can earn a week vacation after a year. You can join 401k after a year.

Working Conditions
Working conditions are tough- a lot of hours- a lot of freight to get out. Low retention among hourly employees due to low pay and physically demanding work. Labor budget is never realistic so the manager has to work more hours to meet expectations. Many days there will only be two people at at time in the store which is really tough during busy times like Christmas. Most managers don't make it more than a year or two-this company has a 300% turnover rate annually on store managers.

Physical Requirements
There are very strenuous requirements with the sheer volume of freight that must be put out in addition to the recovery of the store every couple of hours. Quite often merchandise must be moved outside to the sale area and all cleaning of floors etc is done by store employees. I saw quite a few managers leave due to the physical requirements of the job being just too much.

Other Dollar General Job Information
This was the second worst job I ever had out of a 35 year work history. I lived in a small town and there were no real jobs so I had to take it. I feel like it negatively impacted my body and health. Had a lot of trouble getting the insurance to pay for Dr. visits. Gave a two week notice, worked it and never looked back.

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