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DialAmerica Marketing, Call Center Agent Job Review and Interview

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September 21, 2011
2 Star Rating Review by DialAmerica Marketing Call Center Agent

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It's a good job.

DialAmerica Marketing Call Center Agent, in Athens, Georgia

Call Center Agent Job Description

You must be on time every day, and not leave early, as doing either of these causes you to accumulate "points". After a certain number of points are acquired (42), your employment with the company is terminated. I have not seen any deviation from this policy, even under the most forgiving of circumstances.

This is an inbound call center, so you are required to sit for long periods of time. In some departments, you are required to follow a script that you must not deviate from. In other departments, you are allowed to be a little more creative.

You can take hundreds of calls per week, and many individuals work on more than one program, so, for example, you may be answering calls for Megabus and Bank of America (just examples). Everything you could want to know can be found in the computer programs you are using, so no memorization is necessary, though product knowledge is often helpful.

Often times, you are required to fulfill some sort of a goal, and doing this can get you awards or incentives - sometimes financial, and other times, they could be various prizes. As a call center agent, you usually answer to your team leader, and the ladder goes up from there. The environment is typical of a corporation. In addition to taking phone calls, you will probably be required to input information in the computer, and may be required to do other things such as sending e-mails, returning phone calls, and forwarding messages to other people throughout the company.

Education High School | Management Average Quality | Stress Average Stress

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DialAmerica Marketing Interview Questions

Make sure to dress business casual for this interview! The first thing you will do is complete a computer test. Basically DialAmerica is just making sure you can do some of the basic computer functions.

Then you will enter the actual interviewing process, where you will be asked questions, but will also be required to read a script, and then come up with your own response to a given scenario. The interviewing process is somewhat challenging.

From there, you will be interviewed by the department that you will most likely be working for. In that interview, I had to go through another pretend phone call, and send out an e-mail using the proper grammar and explaining what was asked of me properly.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - DialAmerica Marketing, Call Center Agent is $8/Hourly.

401K after one year, paid days off for full timers. The only full timers that get benefits are those with supervisory positions.

Working Conditions

You are just a number in a room filled with people. Very few people actually like working here - everyone seems to be in a similar predicament - just using their time at Dial America to survive and pay the bills while they wait for something better to come up.

The floor is very competitive. When sales are made, bells ring. Every week, you have at least one call that is monitored and then gone over with you with a supervisor. This is graded. There are also requirements that one must fulfill depending on the department in order to keep employment with the company. One example is, in one department, you are required to keep your phone calls below a certain amount of time. In other departments, you are required to get a certain percentage of sales.

Physical Requirements

You must be comfortable sitting for long periods of time, and be able to type.

Other DialAmerica Marketing Job Information

Make sure that you use proper English when speaking or typing anything during the interview. Speak slowly and clearly so that you are well understood. Be sure to highlight any sales and/or customer service experience you have had in the past.

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