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Deloitte, Consultant Job Review and Interview

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March 14, 2008
3 Star Rating Review by Deloitte Consultant

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Deloitte Consulting is a challenging job with a lot of variety.

Deloitte Consultant, in Seattle, Washington

Consultant Job Description

A Big 4 Consultant typically travels around the country helping businesses solve problems. I worked in the CFO services line and I would do a number of finance oriented projects. These have included business case development, valuation, and project management. Overall, the job is really challenging because you have so many different projects. The stress can get very high as you usually have to face these challenges in a new city. However, the amount you learn from doing consulting is well worth the price of the stress.

Education Bachelors Degree | Management Average Quality | Stress Very High Stress

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Deloitte Interview Questions

Consultants almost always give case interviews. These can be tricky to a lot of people, but you just need to practice them thoroughly. Go to the Deloitte or Bain websites to find good examples of sample case interviews.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Deloitte, Consultant is $33/Hourly.

$70,000K per year Mediocre Medical and Dental plans Standard 401K match - which is 10% of the first 6% you invest Pension options after 5 years All travel is paid for Per diem for food is $50 a d

Working Conditions

If you like to sit at a desk all day or have your own office, consulting is not for you. Conditions vary from being great to terrible. On many projects I get my cubicle to work in if the client is nice. If the client is cramped for space, then things get a little tricky. I remember I once had to share a small one person room with six other people. Also, on some projects I've worked over 100 hours a week, so you should always be prepared for a high stress environment.

Physical Requirements

No physical requirements per se, but expect to be asked for travel. If you don't stay in shape while traveling across the country, you will not last in consulting.

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