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A Walgreens Computerized Skills Test is necessary for Employment

Walgreens Preemployment TestOne of the requirements for working in many job positions at Walgreens is taking a computerized skills assessment test. For many people, such a test holds a certain level of intimidation. You may realize, quite correctly, that the computerized skills assessment test will be a deciding factor in whether you are able to gain employment through Walgreens, or not. Knowing what to expect ahead of time, before you sit down at that computer terminal, may help alleviate some of those fears.

A large portion of your computerized skills test at Walgreens will involve testing your math and ability to make change. You will be subjected to questions on this portion of the skills test that read like this: "A customer's total comes to $7.41. They hand you a twenty dollar bill. How much should you give them back in change?" The correct answer, of course, is $12.59.

Each of the math questions will be timed. The manager will be able to see, on a scale of one to three, how quickly you were able to answer the question, in addition to whether you answered correctly or not.

An additional part of the computerized skill test at Walgreens will involve word problems. Many of these word problems will involve testing your math skills as well, though many of them will simply be tests of your ability to reason and think clearly.

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A third part of the computerized skill test at Walgreens will consist of questions involving customer service and communication skills. These questions are multiple choice and will give you multiple scenarios to determine whether or not your personality will be appropriate for the Walgreens job you are applying for. You will be given several fictional scenarios and then you will have to pick which one of the choices given is the best course of action.

Many people attempt to cheat on the personality portion of the skills assessment, and choose the answer that they feel the company would most like to hear. While it is understandable that you may want a job with Walgreens badly, you must keep in mind that the purpose of the personality assessment is to sort out those who will not make a good match for the Walgreens job force. If you choose deliberately false answers on the personality portion of the test, you will be in danger of gaining employment in a job you do not have the correct personality for.

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Author: a CareerLeak Contributor

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