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Comcast, Customer Account Executive Job Review and Interview

June 2, 2010
3 Star Rating Review by Comcast Customer Account Executive

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Setting up customers with new cable/internet/phone accounts.

Comcast Customer Account Executive, in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Customer Account Executive Job Description

Your main duties as a Customer Account Executive is to answer incoming calls for customers looking to set up new services for TV/Internet/Phone, perform upgrades to customers looking to add more channels, upgrade internet or add equipment to their account, you answer some billing questions and explain to all your custoemrs you set up about the pro-rate charges that happen when you make changes in your account. You will also assist in minor technical support, but anything to deep you would get to tech support.
Education High School | Management Very High Quality | Stress High Stress

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Comcast Interview Questions

The interview was pretty easy, you sit with the HR manager and one of the sales managers and they ask your questions about your work history, they ask you why you think you would make a good sales person, and what you have that others don't.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Comcast, Customer Account Executive is $13/Hourly.
Comcast offers a number of great benefits. You get excellent medical, dental and vision insurance, they offer 401K plan, you get stock options, and the best part, free cable, internet and really cheap phone. They also have sales rally days where if you sell certain things you get prizes, people from HBO/SHOWTIME and all the other channels come in and give you free stuff to promote any new shows that are starting or going on.

Working Conditions
The working conditions are ok, you definately feel safe, but sometimes you get that irate customer that swears at you, yells at you and makes you want to hang up on them, and the best part to that is once you find out their problem it ends up that they were the stupid one.

Physical Requirements
The only thing that you do at this job for long periods of time is sit and stair at a computer.

Other Comcast Job Information
Its a decent job, you definately need to be good at sales; you get your base pay and commission.

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