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Coca Cola, Material Handler Job Review and Interview

February 6, 2009
4 Star Rating Review by Coca Cola Material Handler

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Fast paced position

Coca Cola Material Handler, in Columbus, Ohio

Material Handler Job Description

Coca Cola Columbus Syrup Branch. Supplying the production line with cardboard to package the syrup. Picking up the cardboard pallets from semi trucks using the forklift. 2 sizes of cardboard for the gallon sizes. Placing the cardboard and keeping the fast production lines stacked. Cleaning the area. Recycling products that are not used. Helping other surrounding departments. Emptying bins of cardboard that malfunctions on the lines.
Education High School | Management High Quality | Stress Average Stress

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Coca Cola Interview Questions

The interview is conducted in a professional environment. Drinks are offered and professional respectable staff give the interview.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Coca Cola, Material Handler is $20/Hourly.
Health Insurance

Working Conditions
Wearing ear plugs, and goggles, wearing steel toe boots. Safe and friendly atmosphere. Most people are veterans and have held their position with the company for a long time.

Physical Requirements
Light lifting.

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