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Captel, Captioning Assistant Job Review and Interview

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April 21, 2008
4 Star Rating Review by Captel Captioning Assistant

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Captioning calls and words appear on the phone.

Captel Captioning Assistant, in Madison, Wisconsin

Captioning Assistant Job Description

I caption calls for the deaf and hard of hearing. It's somewhat similar to relaying, but I only listen to one side of the conversation (the other party) and caption their side. I don't speak to anyone like a regular call center job or tty. I get monitored on one call a day, but I don't know which call it is. We would also have "aux slips" to track every break we take and anytime we are not at our queue taking calls. We are tested daily for mistakes on the calls that we do. There is a monthly test called the "timing".
Education High School | Management Average Quality | Stress Low Stress

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Captel Interview Questions

The person who interviewed me was nice, and she had a great sense of humor; down to earth. I wore business casual attire for the interview. I was asked if I see myself there long term. They also gave a spelling, repetition, and typing test.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Captel, Captioning Assistant is $10/Hourly.
Dental insurance, Health insurance, 401k, flex spending plan. These perks are expensive and there is a high turnover, so not a lot of people take advantage of these perks.

Working Conditions
It's a very relaxing, homey environment. It's like a typical call center environment. Plenty of cubicles. I do feel safe where I work. A lot of people that work there have an "I'm here (sighs)" attitude. It's a job that people can tolerate and be there for the time being while waiting for another job.

Physical Requirements
I am sitting down for 6 hrs and 40 mins out of an 8 hr shift. Typing a lot and re-voicing words to appear on the clients phone.