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Bob Evans, Grill Cook Job Review and Interview

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June 11, 2011
2 Star Rating Review by Bob Evans Grill Cook

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Bob Evans Grill Cook, in Fredonia, New York

Grill Cook Job Description

I cook food for every ticket that comes into the restaurant. On grill line, there are two sides. The first side is the meat side (usually the less experienced cook is on this side) This person listens to the calls and drops the designated items such as patties, and toast. The other side is the calling side. This person reads off the items on the tickets, and the meat person adds everything onto the grill. Also this job consists of wiping numerous items down. Walls, counters, behind grease traps, as well as putting labels onto containers for extra food.
Education None | Management Average Quality | Stress Very High Stress

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Bob Evans Interview Questions

At Bob Evans there are two interviews. The first interview was very comfortable. The manager was very kind, and seemed down to earth. He asked questions like "What will you bring to the table?, and "Why should Bob Evans hire you?. The second interview went well but i was interviewed by a different manager. This manager seemed like they had a horrible day, and they were just trying to hide their true personality with a smile. They asked the same questions as the first manager. To both interviews i wore a button down shirt, khaki's, and dress shoes. I wouldn't have done anything different because both interviews seemed to go very well.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Bob Evans, Grill Cook is $9/Hourly.
There are 401k benefits and health care, but being a full time student and only working 40 hours in the summer, i am not eligible.

Working Conditions
For the most part, the atmosphere on the grill line is very clean. Us grill liners are constantly wiping areas down as well as emptying the grease traps, and filtering the fryer. I do feel safe at my job, but you want to make sure you have non-slip shoes because there are many spills during the course of a work day. I feel that the attitude towards us grill liners are below average. We are under appreciated, and deserved more recognition. One thing that can be done to improve the workplace is to allow the use of a radio at a minimum level during the entire course of a work day.

Physical Requirements
You are always on your feet. There is heavy lifting when emptying the excess water from the chill rack. The chill rack weighs at least 40 lbs. and carrying it over to dish tank can be quite excruciating.

Other Bob Evans Job Information
Very stressful job. I don't recommend it.

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