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    Resume Tips

    Your Resume must stand out.

    Your resume can make or break your introduction to a prospective employer. A resume is like a personal advertisement - its your opportunity to grab the attention of a prospective employer. If you fail to stand out from the crowd, you will likely never receive that phone call for an interview.

    It is vital your resume conveys the value you offer. An effective resume inspires an employer to learn more about you via an interview. What do employers want?

    Precise, interesting resumes.

    Download the PDF: Basic Resume Tips, Cover Letters, Organization and Writing Techniques

    Our collection of top-notch resume resources provide the information you need to create effective resumes. Find insightful resume tips as well as tips on how to avoid resume blunders. Browse our job-specific resume samples.

    We invite you take advantage of all the professional resume writing resources available here.

  • Interviews

    Interview Tips

    Yes, your resume is important, however your resume only functions as an entrance test to qualify you for an interview. It is during the interview when an employer decides whether or not to hire you. He discovers the type of person you are and most importantly, do you truly desire the job.

    During an interview, employers look beyond the work history found in your resume. Experts report enthusiastic interviewees typically make the "A" list. Be prepared to show an employer you really want the job. Also, bring an arsenal of stories showcasing your skills, strengths and accomplishments.

    The thought of going to a job interview can make you uptight. It is best to think of a job interview as a wonderful opportunity. If you're well prepared, confident and enthusiastic, you have a good chance of winning the boss over and getting the job.

    Our top-notch interview resources cover the various aspects of job interviews, including how to get a job interview and how to properly prepare for and manage an interview.

    Ben Franklin stated "By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail." Franklin's statement sums up the job interview process. In order to ace the interview you must be prepared.

  • Company Specific

    Employer Related Articles

    Finding the right employer is a big challenge. To figure out how well you will fit in with a company it is vital to evaluate the entire company. What is the corporate culture? Does the company have a relaxed or a highly structured work environment?

    Individuals should be just as discerning about a company they might work for as employers are selective about who they hire. Exit interviews often show the reasons for leaving a company could have been identified before the person took the job. Take the time to research a company before accepting a job offer.

    People often take the job with the best total compensation, however this often turns out to be the wrong decision. Workers discover having a compatible work culture, a motivating work environment and a good work/life balance is more important than money. Many companies have discovered they need to deliver value beyond pay and benefits. These companies are worthy of your consideration.

    Extensive research allows you to narrow down the number of companies appropriate for you. To help you with the process, we provide articles covering important aspects of companies such as Target, Walgreens, Pepsi, Walmart and more. We offer specific information you need to know about a company. Work is an important part of your life; take the time to create a list of appropriate companies for you.

  • Jobs and Education

    Jobs and Education

    Our extensive Jobs and Education section provides a wealth of information. We offer a wide variety of useful articles for those seeking their first job to those seeking a career change to those seeking a recession-proof job. We offer specific job profiles and review the education required. We even offer tips on how to use Twitter to land a job.

    We understand there are hundreds of career options; selecting the right one is vital. Since people have different interests, skills, expectations and experiences there's no career that's best for everyone. That's why we provide profiles on a variety of interesting, fulfilling careers.

    We invite you to browse the collection of article titles. We have something for just about everyone.