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Best Western, Desk Clerk Job Review and Interview

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December 25, 2008
2 Star Rating Review by Best Western Desk Clerk

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Best Western can sometimes be pleasant and lively, other times downright dull or stressful.

Best Western Desk Clerk, in New Orleans, Louisiana

Desk Clerk Job Description

Checking guest in and checking guest out while trying to be as pleasant as possible. Answering the phone, setting wake-up calls, taking reservations as well as cancellations. Making sure all paper work is properly filed. Depending on shift worked, one might have to assign housekeeping duties. Making sure the lobby is presentable and signs are visible. When guest check in, make sure that they know when check-out time is, where all entrances are and how to use key cards, ect..
Education High School | Management Low Quality | Stress Average Stress

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Best Western Interview Questions

I filled out an application and was granted an interview. The requirements were: good communication skills, good typing skills and the ability to work well with others. I was told upfront that there were no benefits but I could get the hours I was requesting. It was a good trade off for me.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Best Western, Desk Clerk is $8/Hourly.
The pay is minimum wage depending on which one you work for. All Best Westerns are independently own and operated. No benefits and no retirement unless you own stock in the company or a hotel itself. At least that I am aware of. I know within the company (people that work directly for the corporation) there are benefits but not at the level that I am at.

Working Conditions
A nice part of the job is helping guest out with recommendations of a good restaurant or with directions to a local tourist attraction. Especially when they come back smiling and pleased. The "hairy" times are when a large group of people arrive at the same time and you are trying to check everyone in as quickly as possible but something is wrong with their reservation. I had to figure out (during situations as just describe), what rooms to switch around while more than ten people were standing around and I was working by myself. That makes for a stressful situation. Or when being chewed upon for a situation that has nothing to do with you or within your control. When there is downtime, sometimes it last for hours. And then there are times when the pace is so fast you don't have a chance to break or grab a bit to eat. And none of it is ever predictable. The working environment is usually pretty good though.

Physical Requirements
Usually one is sitting down, so not spending a whole lot of time on your feet. Although you will have to walk a bit when manning the front.

Other Best Western Job Information
Although the management is poorly executed the people themselves are very pleasant to work for. They just don't have a grasp on managing their employees very well.

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