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Best Buy, Geek Squad Job Review and Interview

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March 27, 2009
2 Star Rating Review by Best Buy Geek Squad

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This was an extremely stressful job with no respect from either customers or managers.

Best Buy Geek Squad, in Indianapolis, Indiana

Geek Squad Job Description

I would assist the PC sales team with making sales. I would also diagnose clients' computers at the counter, and repair their machines. I would process daily repair logs. I would go out to customers' homes to repair their machines as well.
Education Some College | Management Low Quality | Stress Very High Stress

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Best Buy Interview Questions

The interview was great. They asked me typical questions, like, "Why do you want to work here?" "Do you shop at Best Buy often?" "Tell me 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses." I then had to take a basic competency test that seriously a 3rd-grader could have passed...it asked questions like, "What is the difference between memory and a hard drive?" I had 3 interviews in one day; one with the hiring manager, one with the general manager, and then one with those two as well as my department supervisor. I did really well at the interview, and I don't think I would have done anything differently.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Best Buy, Geek Squad is $11/Hourly.
I had no benefits at this job; I was considered "part-time" even though I worked 30-40+ hours a week. We did get an absolutely amazing Best Buy discount, though.

Working Conditions
The job was extremely stressful. There was a lot of pressure from management to make our sales goals. I had customers calling *constantly* to check the status of their repair. Customers treated my co-workers and me like complete sh*t but if we tried to alleviate the situation, management would come down hard on us. Sometimes I would be at work until 11 P.M. only to be back in at 7 A.M. each day. We had to go to stupid biweekly training meetings at 7 A.M. on Sundays that 99% of the time were a complete waste of time. I had to work weekends, too. Going out to customers' homes wasn't usually too bad. But my co-workers in Geek Squad were very tight; we all still hang out, even though I left about a year ago. We all hated our job. If management didn't treat us like moronic dumba**es but instead supported us and listened to our wants and needs, it would have been a much more enjoyable experience working there.

Physical Requirements
If you worked the counter, you were on your feet for long periods of time, but we usually switched several times a day (unless it was someone new; they got stuck on the counter most of the time). Some of the really old desktop computers were quite heavy, and we did have to lift them and move them around.

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