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Avon, PR Manager Job Review and Interview

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May 14, 2008
4 Star Rating Review by Avon PR Manager

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Avon PR Manager, in New York, New York

PR Manager Job Description

Assisted Director of PR with coordinating interviews for key Avon staff, attended industry events, developed press releases, created PR campaigns for product launches, and identified appropriate media outlets.
Education Bachelors Degree | Management Very High Quality | Stress Average Stress

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Avon Interview Questions

The interview process consisted of two separate panel interview discussions, which included representatives from PR, marketing, product development and HR. Each session lasted about two hours, with questions ranging from PR knowledge and capabilities, to company and product awareness.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Avon, PR Manager is $23/Hourly.
Major medical, profit sharing, tuition reimbursement, dental/vision, and product discounts.

Working Conditions
The work atmosphere was fun and creative – however, could get intense and stressful during initial product launches and holiday campaigns.

Physical Requirements
Physical requirements consisted of being able to load products for PR campaigns or product launch press conferences – and to also be able to physically maintain a twelve hour plus daily work schedule.

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