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Applebees, Server Job Review and Interview

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January 14, 2011
5 Star Rating Review by Applebees Server

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This is a job that gives a great opportunity to meet new people.

Applebees Server, in Aberdeen, Maryland

Server Job Description

Waiting tables, cleaning tables, seating customers, cleaning periodically along the way, deep cleaning at the end of the night, food and beverage knowledge.
Education High School | Management High Quality | Stress High Stress

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Applebees Interview Questions

The interview was very comfortable. I wore business casual attire. They asked me questions like why did I want to work there, what were my strongest qualities and weakest qualities. I would not have done anything different.

Salary and Benefits
Salary - Applebees, Server is $10/Hourly.
No other perks...but I got Tips!!!!

Working Conditions
It is a friendly atmosphere, I liked my peers and the management.

Physical Requirements
I was always on my feet, so feet and back were often quite sore at the end of the night.

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